Finest Oil Colours for Artists

UMTON oil colours are designed for professional painters.
Our colours are made of fine high-quality pigments, the chemical composition of which is completely reliable, without adulterants.
They are also aggressive environment resistant. Chemical composition of pigments is stated for each colour on a label.

Pigments come from leading European companies and guarantee desired fastness, so that masterpieces were preserved for centuries.
Colour fastness, which is determined by pigment used, is marked on each tube with stars. The highest fastness is marked with three stars, the lowest with one star. Best-quality pigments are bound with linseed refined oil with low acidity number. However some pigments, especially white paints and violet cobalts are bound with refined safflower oil, wisch is lighter and dries up slowlier.

Czech leading painters tested UMTON oil colours and found their quality very high. A special stabilizer added in small quantities, gives to UMTON oil colours special properties. It is prepared of high-quality natural matters and acts as a neutralizer, prolonging colour durability to dozens of years while maintaining high quality. Stabilizer´s main task is colour consistence enhancement, it being smoothly butter-like, but without dispersion.

The producer guarantees the quality of colours for masterpieces for 99 years.

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